Using its own equity, LPC continues to build on its strengths and reinvest its capital into new ventures.  Conservative and traditional underwriting standards provide for an investment strategy that values preservation of principal, current yield (cash flow) and tries to maximize long term returns.

LPC maintains an on-going effort to sell non-strategic assets for redeployment into new, higher growth opportunities, which is important in managing our balance sheet as well as increasing the overall return on assets.

Taking a hands-on approach and superior tenant care are key components of our philosophy.

Local presence wherever LPC owns property ensures that our customers receive personalized and timely attention.  On-site management teams are intensely focused on the needs and opportunities of each market.  Having in-depth local knowledge in multiple markets also allows LPC to maximize occupancy and realize the upside of distressed situations.

LPC runs properties in a manner that maximizes operating efficiencies and minimizes environmental impacts. Sustainable building operations have become a key component of portfolio management decisions.